Mature Lilian - The Fat Sex Doll

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*Exclusively DiddleWorld Item*

Climax Original TPE Love Doll

Key Features:

Realistic soft skin in high quality TPE - Learn More
Realistic Oral, Vaginal and Anal Holes
Metallic Skeleton Fully Articulated
Free Worldwide Shipping - Learn More
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Discreet Packaging

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    *Exclusive Item for DiddleWorld*

    Height: 5.25' / 160cm

    Weight: 100 lbs / 45 Kg

    Breast: 41.7 inches / 106cm 

    Waist: 24.8 inches / 63cm

    Hips: 40 inches/ 102cm

    Shoulder: 14 inches/ 36cm

    Leg Length: 30inch / 77cm

    Thigh: 22.8 inch / 58cm

    Hand Length: 24.8 inch / 63cm

    Vagina depth: 17CM          

    Anal depth: 17CM

    Oral depth: 12CM

    Skin Tone: Caucasian Flesh

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Silver

    Lip Colour: Red


    Quick Overview: This is an ultra high-quality TPE love doll. It contains a full built-in metal skeleton. Unlike most of the blow-up love dolls or low-quality sex dolls you find in the market, this is a real human like-doll. It is smooth, flexible but solid. The limbs and body can be moved flexibly with all different positions. The skin is smooth and the lips are even softer than human lips. We understand that the vagina may not be lasting forever due to your hard rock penis. Therefore, you have the option to choose either a removable vagina or a fixed vagina.


    you can check the quality of the love dolls. 




    What’s included?

    A wig, a set of lingerie, a vagina, a wig, a condom, lube, baby powder.


    Create Your Own 

    Choose a Hairstyle

     Skin Color


    Caucasian Flesh       Asian Flesh            Sun Tan                   Dark 

    *Helen's skin color is Sun Tan



    Eye Colour


    Type of Vagina

    Questions & Answers

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    • what options are available with this doll, can I have loose joints?

      Hey there, do you mean like a torso? With body and legs separated? 

      Or you mean you don't want her arms that solid? Hands are still attached to the body but no metal framework within the hands so they will look very loose when you move them?

      If you want a separate part of her body, you can get a torso here,  This is the lower part of her body. 

      Please email us at, or talk to us with the bottom right live chat box for a quicker response. 


    • Hallo is the Mature Doll with Vagina Insert aivaillable...Mfr.Hochsteiner

      Yes. You can choose to have fixed vagina or removable vagina. If you choose a removable one, we will provide you extra one for FREE, so that when you take it out and clean it, you still have one more to use.

      Please feel free to let me know if you have more questions.

    • Which video is Helen?

      The first video you see above is Helen's full body, but with a different head. 

      Just to share with you, you can also choose her skin colour.

      This is a tanner skin toned compared to Helen,'s a different face)

      Masaki is the same doll but with a different skin color and hairstyle, please check Masaki out here, 

      Thank you. Please feel free to let me know if you have more questions. 

    • I was thinking of 50% looser knees and hips and perhaps a choice of heads and wigs. Is that doable? What is available as your webpage doesn't offer choices other than a removable vagina?

      Hi there, 

      1. Yes. We can do the knees, hips, or other joints more loose. That's not a problem. This is a unique request, when you checkout from our store, just leave a note and we will notice. 

      2. I have just uploaded 9 different hairstyles on the webpage for you to choose, as well as skin color and eye color. We're currently upgrading our store. Just let us know the hairstyle that you are interested in when you checkout and we will do it for you. We will finalize her looking based on your request before we ship out. 

      3. This body only comes with this head. You can choose the hairstyle, eye color, skin color to make her look different. There is another doll, named Masaki, she actually has a same head as Helen, but with a different hairstyle, eye color and skin color, one looks like a Japanese and Helen looks like a White woman. 

      Our website is not good enough to support all the options, we are now upgrading our site to show all the features available. 

      Please feel free to email us at or talk to us with the bottom right Live Chat Box for our quickest response.