Custom Your Sex Doll

You are into someone, and you want to own his/her body as a substitute for the real person. Or your partner, unfortunately, passed away and you want him/her to be with you at all times. Why not create a doll looks exactly like her/him? We're now offering custom sex doll service. 

All our dolls are handmade, we treat them like our babies. We love them more than anyone else. You love someone, you want him/her to become real, to be your life companion, you can count on us to make it become a reality. 


How to build your own sex doll?

1. Check out the pretty faces of our dolls, and then choose the body of other dolls. Most of our dolls can be mixed and matched, EASY!


2. Send us a few images of a person; we will produce a doll based on real person images. 


Sample Images of The Real Person and Final Doll

(Both dolls have different hairstyle or skin color from the respective original person, you can choose)





How does it work?

1. Send us his/her images or video. Please provide at least 5 images from different angles. Please provide as much information as possible, including his/her age, height, weight, personality and characteristics. 


2. We receive information and start evaluating. We need to make sure we can do the doll then only accept your request. Give us 5 days for this evaluation process. Some of the matters we will need to consider:  

        - Facial features 

        - Facial expression

        - Body features

        - Materials


3. If we are able to produce your love one, we will accept the request. We will discuss with you on the process, what features we can do and what we can't do. If we can't do some of the features, we will suggest alternative options. Once it's all confirmed, we will send you an invoice with the final quotation.


4. We need to receive a deposit to start working on your doll. The payment terms and process are as below:

     a. 40% deposit (Stage 1 - start producing the head. We will modify the head based on your preference, until you are happy. Then, only proceed to the Stage 2) 

     b. 40% (Stage 2 - start producing the body. We will modify his/her body based on your preference until you are happy)

     c. 20% (The doll is ready. We receive the last 20% payment before we ship. We provide a DHL/ FedEx tracking number)


    *In order to protect both parties, we accept PayPal and all type of credit cards. If you eventually do not receive the doll, PayPal will fully refund you. 



1. Typically, the entire process takes 1 - 2 months.  

2. The doll can be 80% - 90% alike. Please view sample images below. They final results have different hairstyles and skin color. We can modify based on your preference.

3. Fees depend on the challenges of the production. For example, it's high difficulty if you provide an animation character and want a real person doll, it's more challenging if it's a mature/aged doll, male dolls are more challenging than female dolls.



1. If you only require us to custom make the head, and match with one of our bodies, the fee ranges from USD 4,000 to USD 5,000 for the entire doll (clothing included). 

2. If you require us to custom make an entirely new doll, from face to feet, the price ranges from USD 6,000 to USD 7,000, depending on the challenges (clothing included).

Please provide his/her images for final quotation. 


Our Contact Details: 

25, Chiu Lung Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Phone: +1 561 331 2722

Email: or the Live Chat Box at Bottom Right

*Disclaimer: We do not produce dolls look similar to characters filed trademark or patent, including celebrities, porn stars, animation characters, etc.