About DiddleWorld

DiddleWorld is an US established online sex toy and adult novelty stores. We have over 3000 type of products in our warehouse and 5 years of experience in the business. We have recently set up an office in Hong Kong focus on sex doll items.

The response of on our love doll items is overwhelming and our existing store cannot support all the necessary features for love doll items. Therefore, we've built a new online store, www.sexysexdoll.com, providing the best browsing and shopping experience to our love doll customers. 

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We are up-to-date with the latest sex products to bring you extreme joy and excitement. Some of our latest products are Life Size Sex Dolls and Smart Vibrators, controlled by mobile app. Very soon, you will find Smart Stroker together with Virtual Reality set in our collection. If there's any product you cannot find, please talk to our friendly customer service center, she is always ready to help.


Our prices are generally 30% below market prices. You can never find sex toys at this low price, yet, without compromising the quality. Are you ready for a hot night? Come in here to explore more. If you are interested to know more about our Latest Sex Products and Monthly Discount, please sign up for our Promotion Update below.


Quality Assurance 

We only sell reputable brands’ products, such as XR Brand, LoveBotz, Frisky, Master Series, Doc Johnson, etc. They are the most trusted brands you can find in adult toy products, and we are proud to be the Authorized Seller of these brands. They do not grant the Selling Right easily to low quality sellers.  


We are also the partner of the most reputable blogger in Love Dolls, https://realdolladdict.com/. Their site has over thousand of love doll followers. They have performed a high level of check on our site and products, and finally, only agree to write a post for our love dolls. As you know, all the love dolls that they post are amongst the highest quality and most beautiful you can find in the market.