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  • Water-based lubes: 1) safe to use with all sex toys and latex contraceptives 2) super easy to clean up 3) nonirritating, 
  • Silicone-based lubes: 1) last longer than water-based 2) CAN'T be used with silicone toys 3) some women are irritated by silicone 4) difficult to wash off 
  • Oil-based lubes: 1) most common types are Vaseline and vitamin E oil 2) excellent for hand jobs 3) not safe for use with latex products or rubbery toys 4) good for people in monogamous relationships who don't use condoms 5) super difficult to clean up because of their thick texture 6) some people are allergic to vitamin E oil
Maximus Enlargement Cream - Diddleworld

Maximus Enlargement Cream

$4.59 USD

Apply this easy to dispense cream twice a day for an enhanced and enlarged male member. This homeopathic formula is designed to enhance and enlarge. with maca extract. rosemary. ginseng. and more! Just smooth on morning and night and you can be the proud owner...

XploZion 2 Pack Pouch

$1.95 USD Sold Out

Now there's a safe. natural and affordable sexual health supplement for men that delivers bigger loads and better orgasms with no side effects.Your partner will be able to see and feel that you've had a mind-blowing climax and you'll both get more pleasure than ever...
Sta-Hard - Diddleworld


$4.46 USD

Brand New Formulas.Maximum strength Benzocaine desensitizing cream. Unscented. smooth and slick formula. Size: 1.5 Fl. Oz. Tube.

AMPlify Male Enhancement Cream 4 oz.

$16.10 USD Sold Out

About the Product     ·         Used to revitalize and excite     ·         Infused with exhilarating Peppermint Oil and Aloe     ·         It tingles and moisturizes at the same time     Used as an erection enhancer. this gratifying cream can be used...

Mr. Thick Dick Penis Enlarger Cream - 1.5 oz

$5.58 USD Sold Out

Thicken and elongate your penis with this unique formula designed to stimulate a maximum erection. Watch as your cock grows and thickens as you rub on this easily absorbed. sweet smelling cream. Not only will you be happy with the results. but she'll be thrilled...
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