Want to play safe and fun, find your perfect lubricants at DiddleWorld! 

  • Water-based lubes: 1) safe to use with all sex toys and latex contraceptives 2) super easy to clean up 3) nonirritating, 
  • Silicone-based lubes: 1) last longer than water-based 2) CAN'T be used with silicone toys 3) some women are irritated by silicone 4) difficult to wash off 
  • Oil-based lubes: 1) most common types are Vaseline and vitamin E oil 2) excellent for hand jobs 3) not safe for use with latex products or rubbery toys 4) good for people in monogamous relationships who don't use condoms 5) super difficult to clean up because of their thick texture 6) some people are allergic to vitamin E oil
Easy Clean Enema Bulb and Lube Launcher Kit - Diddleworld

Easy Clean Enema Bulb and Lube Launcher Kit

$18.00 USD

Get cleaned out and ready for action with this classic and easy to use cleansing system. The flush bulb has a thin. comfortable tip. which allows for a quick and simple clean out. Once you are nice and clean. you can lube up with our...
Enema Anal Stretching Kit with Plug and Desensitizing Lube - Diddleworld

Enema Anal Stretching Kit with Plug and Desensitizing Lube

$33.51 USD

Want to stretch the bounds of your enema play? This inflatable plug offers gradual expansion. while still allowing water to pass in and out of you. Just pump it using the medical style bulb. The quick release valve on the side makes for easy deflation....
Enema Syringe - Diddleworld

Enema Syringe

On Sale $30.92 USD Regular price $45.00 USD

These classic enema syringes are a collectors item. Made of high quality polished metal. Just pull back the plunger to fill the syringe. then push the plunger down to fill your partner up with the liquid of your choosing. The tip unscrews for easy cleaning....
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