Looking for a right dildo? In different materials, shapes, functions and sizes, you have to know what function you want in order to pick the right one. In Example, if you want to stimulate G-spot, you should choose one made from firm materials like glass or metal, with curve. If it's for anal purpose, it should be with a flared base made from an easily cleaned material. 


    Vivid Essentials 12 Inch Double Dong

    $11.88 USD Sold Out

    Made from jelly material. this long dong is soft yet firm. With a realistic head at each end and a veiny shaft. the pleasure will be immense. Just imagine the endless possibilities as this 12 Inch Double Dong can be used solo or with a...

    Thin Tool

    $5.32 USD Sold Out

    work it with the thin tool. Penis shaped and a flanged handle lets you get a grip on the important things in life.

    Giant Jumbo Jack - Black

    $36.66 USD Sold Out

    Once you go Giant Jumbo Jack Black you will never go back. The Giant Jumbo Jack is the best boyfriend you will ever have...and the biggest you will ever want. Measuring 15 inches long and 3 inches wide and 9 inches in circumference from ball...
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