Looking for a right dildo? In different materials, shapes, functions and sizes, you have to know what function you want in order to pick the right one. In Example, if you want to stimulate G-spot, you should choose one made from firm materials like glass or metal, with curve. If it's for anal purpose, it should be with a flared base made from an easily cleaned material. 

    Stainless Steel Female E-stim Kit (Electrosex dildo) - Diddleworld.com - 1

    Stainless Steel Female E-stim Kit (Electrosex dildo)

    $63.94 USD

    Send electric pulses coursing into your partner's pussy or ass with this shocking kit! Feeling bored with the traditional cold and simple dildo? You probably want to try to insert this stainless steel penetration kit into your partner's ass and pussy. This Zeus's double penetration...
    Mounted Stainless Steel Ridged Dildo - Diddleworld.com

    Mounted Stainless Steel Ridged Dildo

    $85.25 USD

    Screw this beautiful stainless steel dildo onto its mounting plate and impale yourself on the elegant ridges of this unique shaft! This chrome beauty is unlike anything you have ever felt before. Sink almost 8 inches onto this heavily textured rod. experiencing its bulbs and...
    Chrome Dipped Glass Pleasure Probe - Diddleworld

    Chrome Dipped Glass Pleasure Probe

    $25.28 USD

    This sensual wand is a truly unique piece. Made of high quality. durable glass. dipped in chrome for a gleaming finish and slick feel. You get all the benefits of a metal toy. without the weight of a pure steel item. The material is slick....

    The Crank Shaft Steel Dildo - 8"

    $74.36 USD Sold Out

    Let heavy steel do your talking for you. because once this slick tool starts to rotate inside your partner. they will be speechless with pleasure. The crank arm turns up the heat while elegant gleaming stainless steel turns heads. Unscrew the handle at the base...
    XXL Aluminum Enema Nozzle Tip - Diddleworld

    XXL Aluminum Enema Nozzle Tip

    On Sale $88.66 USD Regular price $115.00 USD

      This gargantuan aluminum enema probe is ideal for getting deep into all those hard to reach places! With a lightweight design. plenty of length. and a smooth. rounded head. this exciting anal enema tip is the ideal nozzle for those who want stimulation as...

    The Steel Twist Dildo - 8.5"

    $48.62 USD Sold Out

    With a unique shape and design. this plug will have you begging for more. Made from steel. it will slide in or out very easily. Made to be versatile. either end can be used to satisfy all your needs. On one end you will find...
    The Curvy Steel Dildo - 10" - Diddleworld.com - 1

    The Curvy Steel Dildo - 10"

    $54.64 USD

    About the Product Ë         Curved for G-Spot Ë         Quality Metal A classic but very popular design. This curved steel dildo is an amazing toy. You can start with either a small or large sized bulb and slowly start inserting. while its shape starts to rub...
    Stainless Steel Phallic Baton - Diddleworld

    Stainless Steel Phallic Baton

    $104.78 USD

    Make them obey with the Stainless Steel Phallic Baton. This impressive insertable is heavy in your hand and never goes unnoticed. The rounded tip and subtly angled shaft suggest a phallic shape. and the smooth polished stainless steel looks and feels great as it slides...
    Steel Elegance Dual Dildo - Diddleworld

    Steel Elegance Dual Dildo

    $78.99 USD

    The Steel Elegance Dual Dildo is a luxury pleasure object that makes a stunning addition to any toy collection. The graceful curves of cool steel glide smoothly against your body. and the two differently-sized ends are slightly angled for g-spot or prostate stimulation. One side...
    The Governor Steel Fist Plug - Diddleworld.com

    The Governor Steel Fist Plug

    $390.00 USD

    The Governor rules with a strong hand. Sure. there are other fisting toys. but how many are made from over 8 pounds of steel? This impressive. life-sized piece will be the gleaming centerpiece in your toy collection. with its cool smooth surface. and formidable weight....
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