Looking for a right dildo? In different materials, shapes, functions and sizes, you have to know what function you want in order to pick the right one. In Example, if you want to stimulate G-spot, you should choose one made from firm materials like glass or metal, with curve. If it's for anal purpose, it should be with a flared base made from an easily cleaned material. 

    Stainless Steel Female E-stim Kit (Electrosex dildo) - Diddleworld.com - 1

    Stainless Steel Female E-stim Kit (Electrosex dildo)

    $63.94 USD

    Send electric pulses coursing into your partner's pussy or ass with this shocking kit! Feeling bored with the traditional cold and simple dildo? You probably want to try to insert this stainless steel penetration kit into your partner's ass and pussy. This Zeus's double penetration...
    10" Smooth Head Dildo Plug With Suction Base - Diddleworld.com - 1

    10" Smooth Head Dildo Plug With Suction Base

    $38.67 USD

    Ride on this massive suction cup dildo to stuff your ass like never before! The twisted pattern suction cup dildo will massage your inner walls while stretching your asshole! Put more lube on it then it will penetrate you to the best. This dildo offers...
    Colossus XXL Silicone Anal Suction Cup Plug - Diddleworld

    Colossus XXL Silicone Anal Suction Cup Plug

    $28.30 USD

    Fill them up with this colossal XXL Anal Plug from Master Series. Made of premium silicone. it is non-porous and hypoallergenic. Featuring a tapered tip for pinpoint stimulation and a flared suction cup base for easy retrieval during solo play. Sending them over the edge...
    Regal Access Plug - Diddleworld

    Regal Access Plug

    $12.87 USD

    The Regal Access Plug will glide in smooth and fill you up. The sleek. glossy shaft is stout and flexible. and the round handle allows for expert manipulation of this pleasure tool. The exclusive Starry Night PVC material adds visual appeal as this object of...
    4X Oppressor Anal Plug - Diddleworld

    4X Oppressor Anal Plug

    $12.01 USD

    Show your fuck puppet who is in control with the 4X Oppressor Anal Plug. The distinctive four-finger hand grip suggests a set of brass knuckles and gives you powerful grip on this intimidating sex tool. Grab a fistful of the exclusive Starry Night PVC material...
    Mr. Universe - Black - Diddleworld

    Mr. Universe - Black

    $87.44 USD

    About the Product 3 inch diameter 6 inches from base to tip For those who like to live large. the Toys Just for Boys line includes Mr. Universe. With a 3 inch diameter and 6 inches from base to tip. Mr. Universe is an advanced...
    The Governor Steel Fist Plug - Diddleworld.com

    The Governor Steel Fist Plug

    $390.00 USD

    The Governor rules with a strong hand. Sure. there are other fisting toys. but how many are made from over 8 pounds of steel? This impressive. life-sized piece will be the gleaming centerpiece in your toy collection. with its cool smooth surface. and formidable weight....
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