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Exerceo Weighted Silicone Kegel Balls - Diddleworld

Exerceo Weighted Silicone Kegel Balls

$13.40 USD

Prepare to indulge with this wicked pair as each ball enters your pleasure zone. one after the other. With a combined weight of over five ounces. these dark and sexy balls are ideal for tightening the vaginal muscles while heightening sexual play. Each ball contains...
Red Apple Silicone Kegel Exerciser - Diddleworld

Red Apple Silicone Kegel Exerciser

$9.29 USD

This weighted Kegel exerciser is weighted internally for subtle pleasure and orgasmic results! With a delightful apple shape. it slips in easily and provides thrilling resistance as you flex your PC muscles. The looped retrieval cord makes removal quick and easy. and the smooth material...
Black Duo Balls - Diddleworld

Black Duo Balls

$3.78 USD

Though they have a simple design and shape. the Black Duo Balls give you effective and amazing internal stimulation. Inserting and removing is easy as both beads have a smooth exterior and are connected to each other by a sturdy nylon cord. The secret to...

Luna Beads

$43.71 USD Sold Out

LUNA beads are for women who treasure their sensuality - a combined pleasure and fitness system that enables women and their partners to enhance their sensations for years to come. Developed as a stylish and discreet alternative to the traditional geisha balls. LUNA beads work...
Bijoux Stainless Steel Kegel Balls- 1.15 Inch - Diddleworld

Bijoux Stainless Steel Kegel Balls- 1.15 Inch

$16.07 USD

This decadent set of supremely weighted Kegel balls are forged from high quality stainless steel. providing a slick. non-porous surface and great resistance for training and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. With use. you can enjoy stronger. more frequent orgasms. heightened sexual sensitivity. and more...
Two In the Pink Shiny Ben Wa Balls - Diddleworld

Two In the Pink Shiny Ben Wa Balls

$9.67 USD

These shiny pink Ben Wa balls are made of smooth. metallic ABS plastic. with a removable silicone sleeve that ends in a looped pull cord. The phthalate-free materials and comfortable design make them perfect for all day discreet wear. The balls are internally weighted. for...
Geisha Balls Weighted Ben Wa Balls Fishbowl- 45 Pieces - Diddleworld

Geisha Balls Weighted Ben Wa Balls Fishbowl- 45 Pieces

$262.80 USD

Harness the ancient secrets of vaginal tightening and stronger orgasms with this retail display fishbowl. containing 45 sets of smooth stainless steel Geisha Balls. These classic toys have been used for centuries as a simple. yet highly effective way to tone. tighten. and increase sensitivity....
Tighten Up Kegel Exerciser Fish Bowl - 16 Pieces - Diddleworld

Tighten Up Kegel Exerciser Fish Bowl - 16 Pieces

$73.63 USD

This display puts more pleasure and tightness within easy reach. The 16 count fishbowl display is perfect for countertops and trade shows. Each individually sealed and labeled foil packet contains a pair of slick. exciting Kegel balls. great for vaginal tightening. sexy stimulation. and more...
Silicone LuvBalls - Purple - - 1

Silicone LuvBalls - Purple

$13.00 USD

The Luv Balls are a sexy modern twist on the kegel balls. Still just as functional by promoting strengthened vaginal muscles and more intense orgasms. this updated style is designed for heightened stimulation. The soft silicone coating has several indented ridges that create further sensations...
Venus Benwa Balls - Diddleworld

Venus Benwa Balls

$7.82 USD

These Master Series Venus Benwa Balls are ideally designed to keep your playthings internal muscles tight and strong and over time. more sensitive.Benwa balls not only tone and tighten the vaginal muscles. but can stimulate during use. creating a session like no other. Watch your...
Magnus 1 Inch Magnetic Kegel Balls - Diddleworld

Magnus 1 Inch Magnetic Kegel Balls

$13.40 USD

This devious set of two 1 inch magnetized Kegel balls pack some serious pressure! Once inside. the user will need to tighten her Kegel muscles to keep these weighted magnets inside. These medium sized balls are ideal for tightening of the vaginal walls. as well...
Charming Cherries Silicone Kegel Exercisers - Diddleworld

Charming Cherries Silicone Kegel Exercisers

$12.13 USD

Tone up your Kegel muscles with these brilliant cherry Kegel balls. Connected by an adorable green stem are two neon pink cherries that are weighted with an interior metal ball that will roll around during movement for extra stimulation. Made of premium silicone so they...
Sirs 1 Inch Golden Benwa Balls - Diddleworld

Sirs 1 Inch Golden Benwa Balls

$12.28 USD

...Palm up...Sir commands. placing two golden steel balls in my upturned hand. Feeling them roll around in my pal. they are sleek orbs that warm quickly to my touch. Noticeably weighted and beautiful to behold. I am curious. Sir reads my expression. and answers it...
Titanica Extreme Steel Orgasm Balls -

Titanica Extreme Steel Orgasm Balls

$13.00 USD

Introducing Titanica Orgasm Balls. They are copiously sized. supremely weighted. and daring you to try them out. These massive orgasm balls are ideal for intense sensation play. and for those who enjoy a nice. full feeling. Made of steel Measurements: 2 inches in diameterMaterial: SteelColor:...
The Trilogy Orgasm Kegel Balls - Diddleworld

The Trilogy Orgasm Kegel Balls

$8.66 USD

Her instructions said to buy the Trilogy Orgasm Balls down the street. and meet him at the restaurant at seven. She always wants to please him. and does as Sir tells her. Her next instruction came through text...Before you come to the table. go into...

Noir Luna Beads

$26.52 USD Sold Out

Sensual pleasures and fitness combined. Noir Luna Beads offer a sleek and seductive take on these enticing Ben Wa balls. bringing irresistible pleasures during foreplay and beyond. Perfect for wearing on a night with your partner. the inner balls respond to movements with subtle shifts....

iBuddies - Purple

$12.97 USD Sold Out

Experience the Velvet Kiss Collection iBuddies! These velvety soft vibrating love beads are unlike anything you have ever experienced! Great for vaginal or anal stimulation. this pair of vibrating dual eggs creates numerous possibilities for stimulation. Use as anal beads. a kegel exerciser. a clit...
Essensual Silicone Kegel Balls (Purple) - Diddleworld

Essensual Silicone Kegel Balls (Purple)

$9.01 USD

Experience resistance training along with sensual enjoyment with this pair of weighted silicone Kegel balls. The body-friendly material is phthalate-free and suitable for long-term use. as well as being velvety smooth and comfortable. Internally weighted. the inner ball rolls freely. causing subtle shifts during movement...
Geisha Triple Trainer Ben Wa Balls - Purple - Diddleworld

Geisha Triple Trainer Ben Wa Balls - Purple

$5.86 USD

This triple set of ben wa balls are dual layered for exciting internal movement. With each shift. the inner ball rolls within the outer ball. causing subtle vibrations. Versatile and simple. this timeless design has been delighting men and women alike for centuries. With no...
Solo BenWa Silicone Ball (Purple) - Diddleworld

Solo BenWa Silicone Ball (Purple)

$9.37 USD

Opening the gift Sir sent me. the card reads...I want you to put this inside you and keep it in all day. It will take effort on your part. but the satisfaction it will give me is your reward...I open the box and in it...
Aeon Silicone Benwa Balls - Diddleworld

Aeon Silicone Benwa Balls

$14.16 USD

These decadent Kegel exercisers are weighted just right for supreme pleasure. Features removable inner balls that stay put when in use. You can change up the texture and weight by replacing them with your own set of free standing balls for more variety. Weighted for...
Sirs Silvered Geisha Balls - Diddleworld

Sirs Silvered Geisha Balls

$6.50 USD

She held the little silver colored balls in her hand. They had smaller weighted balls inside them. What am I to do with these? she asked. Sir smiled at his demure pupil- Put them inside you dear. he said. Confused and excited. she did as...
Sirs Golden Geisha Balls - Diddleworld

Sirs Golden Geisha Balls

$6.50 USD

I held the little golden balls in my hand. They had smaller. weighted balls inside them....What am I to do with these?...I asked. Sir smiled at his demure pupil....Put them inside you. dear...he said. Confused and excited. I did as I was instructed. Slipping in...

Kegel Balls

$7.61 USD Sold Out

Med/Large Kegel Balls History states that oriental women were the first to discover Kegel Balls. They inserted these balls into their vagina and then rocked back and forth to achieve orgasm. It is said that Kegel Balls work best in strengthening the bladder and tightening...

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