The Asian Adult Expo

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As a leading adult toy and sex doll retailer, we always keep ourselves updated to the latest adult toys and sex doll products and trends, we will therefore keep you posted with all the cool gadgets and tools! The Asian Adult Expo just held last week in Hong Kong. attracted hundred of thousands of visitors. Asia is a leading hub in producing and offering good quality adult toys to the entire world (especially the kinky Japan and China. LMAO). No way we can miss it out and we flew all the way to Hong Kong for the exhibition! 

Check out the expo images here:

sex doll

sex doll

sex doll

Do you feel you've missed out much? Don't worry. DiddleWorld has already discussed with some of the best quality manufacturers and suppliers there. We are going to launch many new and quality items, especially sex dolls to our store. 

We guarantee! You've never seen these dolls before. Stay TUNED and you'll be impressed!

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