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It's been quite a bit of time we have launched our love dolls/sex dolls, we've finally come up with a blog. We're gonna post regularly about our dolls, customers' order experience, the most popular dolls in the market, the latest trends, our manufacturers' production, sex toy exhibition, etc, to keep everyone updated with the best love dolls. Stay tuned! 

One of the orders we received recently was from a very nice Australian gentleman. He ordered one of our latest dolls - Ji Woo. I'm pretty sure you have probably not seen her anywhere else. IThere are a lot of similar looking dolls in the market, whether physical adult toy stores, or online stores. Yes, that's because up to 60% or more of the dolls you can find, are produced by one giant manufacturer. Obviously, their quality is amazing, but that will make the dolls look very boring and you can barely find something unique. For that reason, we constantly look for other high-quality love doll manufacturers to join us. When comes to inviting manufacturers list on our online store, quality always comes first, if the quality is good, then we only check out the designs they have and being fussy to choose the best ones. You can't find ugly looking dolls here, unlike many sellers just upload whatever they have without checking the quality and looking. 

We've recently invited a very good dolls manufacturer to list on our store. Their dolls are mostly Asian girls, or White girls that please the  Asian customers, like Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Their dolls look extremely fine and smooth. Check out some of their doll pictures


Ji Woo - Korean Love Doll


Govanka - Eastern European Girl Love Doll


Olga - Russian Love Doll


Look! The dolls are very smooth and human like! They are very fine and only have the mid size busts, cater the Asians favourite! The quality are impressively amazing, their fingers are solid, implanted with metal to make sure their fingers will not bend like alien fingers, you can find clear hand lines on their hands! Check out the raw images here without any Photoshop enhancement and guess who she is


                 Asian love doll  She has a pretty big booty 

Asian love doll Super realistic pussy and pinky asshole

Asian love doll

Very fine and solid fingers with hand lines

We're not afraid of showing you the raw images because we are confident with our quality! She is Ji Woo! Let me show you how close are they

Korean Love doll

Look at her nipples, so fresh and pinkish! Sexy Korean girl!


Within a few hours Ji Woo appeared on the store, this gentleman immediately placed an order, and a couple more followed. You can imagine how popular Ji Woo is! She is not just pretty and hot, she is a bit exotic. Have you guys seen X-Men before? Does she look like Storm? Well. At least that's what I think she looks like.. So cool and hot!

To see more about Ji Woo, please visit Ji Woo - The Korean Love Doll







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