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Anal toys can add variety to your amazing pleasure and unforgettable orgasms. Anyone can enjoy it no matter you are gay or straight! Anal sex can bring you higher climax than normal sex but it is often misunderstood by most straights ( anal sex doesn’t make you gay, it merely means you enjoy anal sex) and can be intimidating.

When you're thinking about exploring the anal pleasure area, many experienced players recommend that you take your first journeys alone. You will be able to take your time without worrying about the feeling of another person. And the most exciting part is that the anal opening is full of sensitive pleasure nerve endings that just wait you to stimulate them.

Fingers are excellent (remember to cut the nails and make fingers clean, so you will not scratch the pleasure area) but at some point you are ready to try more depth, girth or robust sensations so that you need a professional anal toy to let you have fancy moving on it. And you have to remember to play safe, because you won’t want to make your anal pleasure journey to accident, so always stick to certified safe toys. Not sure what kind of anal toys to try? Here is a brief list of our professional insights:

Prostate massagers  (or P-spot stimulators for men only) are designed for specific purpose with slightly curved toward the tip to hit the prostate P-spot. P-spot is the ultimate pleasure area, which is located about 2-3 inches inside of the opening of the anus. The toys are pleasure boosters for mind-blowing orgasms if the P-spot is stimulated in right way. Remember, you don’t need a super long or wide thing to reach that area, the right design is the key.

Anal beads, are designed to give mind-blowing sensations to the sensitive nerve endings in the rectum. They’re graduated in size and just begins with beads that are small in size until you find your ultimate pleasure zone.

You should get anal beads that are strung together on a steady but flexible rod and have a broad base or convenient handle so they won’t get stuck in the rectum.

Never buy Beads that are strung on a string. They’re not easy to put into anus and difficult to clean. Vibrating toys can give you extra buzz to your orgasms. Try vibrating anal beads, butt plugs and P-spot massagers can put an extra buzz in your anal play and orgasms.

Dildos, A human-sized 6 inch anal dildo is perfect for your first anal experience. Don’t  go wide girth or long length if you are a first-timer . Somehow anal dildos and probes are different from viginal dildos. Some vaginal dildos have ridges and bumps that are not suitable for anal play. For hygiene reasons, you should always keep separate dildos for vaginal and anal play because it can reduce the risk of infections.

Strap-on harnesses, are designed for hands-free play and gender play to provide penetration both vaginally and anally. A strap-on dildo can be worn by both men and women. Remember to get both a harness and dildo that are nontoxic and are phthalate free to prevent health problems such as hormone disruptions and cancer. Moreover, a flared base to secure itself steadily on the harness ring is a must.

Make sure don’t act too fast like those porn. It may look exciting, but the pelvic muscles sometimes hold a lot of tension, and it would be easily get hurt. The best anal play with mind-blowing orgasm is more about letting the rectum relax than forcing it to stretch. So begin in slow and steady pace with anal dildos.

For strap-on play, leather harnesses are highly recommended. Leather is comfortable against the skin and get softer and feel better with age.

Nylon and fabric harnesses are good for fetish play and they are machine washable. It’s sexy when you wear it in the bathtub or hot tub. Just make sure don’t put them in the clothes dryer in order to keep them lasting longer. Hang-dry is recommended.

Lube, Don’t forget lube in anal play because your rectum isn’t lubricated at all. You have to keep it lubed for safe and comfortable anal pleasure experience.

A thick water-based lube is recommended because it is safe to use with all sex toys and latex contraceptives plus it is super easy to clean up. And the most important thing is that it is non-irritating. We don’t recommend oil-based lubes because they tend to be more difficult to clean and can damage the latex or silicone anal sex toys. Silicone lubes is last longer than water-based but it CAN'T be used with silicone toys, it’s also more difficult to wash. And some women are irritated by silicone.

We also recommend anal lubes that is formulated for anal play. Some of them contain desensitizing agents to help loosen the sphincter and numb any potential pain.

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